Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recent Movies

I don't see a lot of movies, but if i see something commendable (or detestable), I will probably mention it here.

As I heard from others, Julie and Julia really was quite a good movie. Quiet and a little slow-moving, but enjoyable for anyone interested in food or the process of writing. As I mentioned in my entry "New York State of Mind," it was infinitely better than the book, which rarely happens! Screenwriter/director Nora Ephron wisely decreased Julie's role in the movie while increasing Julia Child's. Both are well-played, but Julia Child is a larger-than-life character and clearly Meryl Streep had more fun with her than Amy Adams had with Julie. Julia Child may have been a bit overplayed and her height seemed inconsistent in some scenes. The biggest visual turn-off in the film is being forced to watch Julie's husband chomp food and talk with his mouth open. (gross)

If you haven't heard already, The Blind Side is definitely worth a trip to the theater. It's PG-13 due to a violent gang/ghetto scene. Sandra Bullock's main character (Leigh Anne Touhy) could have easily been cheesy and oveplayed, but she had the comic sense and timing necessary to pull it off. This is a thoughtful, conversation-provoking movie to see with your teenagers. What would it be like to be homeless? Do you know any teenagers at school who are homeless? Would we be willing open up our home the way the family in the film did? What is the true nature of altruism? Can even a seemingly self-less act of charity become a pride issue? Should we turn off the t.v. and eat in the dining room? See why we don't buy you a brand-new car?

I'll rarely be current with movies, but between kids, jobs, hobbies and budgets, perhaps there are still a few of you out there who can use this information.